Perfect Pasta in the Microwave

Pasta Boat image 5Just about everyone enjoys a traditional Italian dinner. But who enjoys cooking that pasta? Not enough water and it gets sticky, too much and it becomes soggy. The guessing game is over with Pasta Boat - the popular As Seen on TV microwave pasta cooker. The Pasta Boat’s superior cooking method makes any other microwave container just a plastic bowl.


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Pasta Boat is the fast and easy way to prepare some of your favorite dishes. If your taste buds are craving penne, this is the way to go. And it is just as handy to present steaming dishes of rigatoni, macaroni or shells. With this handy product there is no need for multiple pots and strainers. The specially designed lids with built in strainer makes for easy straining, and the safe-grip handles help you to not get burned. You can always rely on Pasta Bowl to redistribute heat evenly for perfect pasta el dente. Forget waiting for the water to boil and using multiple pots and strainers. Find out how the Pasta Boat cooks your meal in a fraction of the time and allows you to cook, drain, serve and store, all from the same pot.

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With this great offer you receive two Microwave Past Boats, a free bonus food chopper and a free recipe booklet for just $10 plus shipping and handling charges.     

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